"Hadley" Gown
"Hadley" Gown
"Hadley" Gown

Nicoletta Carlone

"Hadley" Gown

The "Hadley" Gown has an exotic flair reminiscent of balmy evenings in the tropics, where sultry whispers of Gardenia or Plumeria fill the air. It is perfect for those looking to make a glamorous and stylish statement. Its strapless design features a sweetheart neckline and attractive pleating, creating an alluring feminine silhouette, and combined with the gold liquid jersey fabric, makes this gown both eye-catching and opulent.

Fashioned with delicate pleats and an ethereal rose, this one-of-a-kind gown speaks for itself. Its full-length silhouette is accentuated by a mesmerizing side slit, while its unique sarong train creates an awe-inspiring look as it drapes off of your shoulder or arm in an effortless gesture. The gown features a molded bust to ensure a flattering fit. This dress is made in your dressmaker's atelier to your measurements, color preference, and length. 

The finishing touch is the delicate rosette complemented by a sarong-inspired draped train. Not only does this eye-catching detail make this dress stand out at evening events, but also adds a graceful sense of movement. Along with an elegant slit at the front of the dress to show off just enough leg, the "Hadley" Gown is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. 


Allow 3-5 weeks for production.
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