Made to Measure

Our dresses are to made-to-measure.

Your first step, take your measurements.

It’s best to take them in front of a mirror. Have someone help, if possible.

Measurements needed are:

Bust: Around fullest part of bust with bra on. (if you plan to wear one)

Waist: Around smallest part of body 2-3 inches ABOVE belly button.

Bottom: Around fullest part of bottom. NOT hipbone.

Height How tall are you?

Dress Length: From shoulder to end of dress in the FRONT over breast.

Shoulder: Measure like the picture below, straight line, DO NOT curve into arms.

Sleeve Length: Measure from the end of shoulder to the length you want.

Arm Thickness: Measure like this:

Shoulder to Waist: Measure from shoulder to waist in the BACK. Tie something around waist to mark it, then measure from shoulder to the waist like this:

Fabric Options

We can make your dress using a custom fabric, lining and color.

CONTACT US  to discuss your special requests.

Many of our items can be made in the following fabrics:

Crepe: Our crepe of choice is a high-quality Italian poly crepe that is very fluid, low maintenance and wrinkle free. Some dresses can also be made in Viscose (rayon) crepe, but we find our standard crepe to be more durable and wearer-friendly. Rayon crepe can be tricky to care for which is why we have chosen the one we work with. Silk crepe is available at an extra fee.

Satin: We use a Rayon (viscose) satin. Some dresses can be made of poly satin, but I prefer the drape of rayon satin the best.

Cotton Blend: Our extremely soft cotton blend is made up of mostly of cotton with a touch of poly and nylon for wearability and softness. It has a slightly stiff body and is quite similar to the fabrics that summer weight suiting is made out of.

Lining: For an additional $20 your dress can be fully lined. We use a silky Italian Rayon based lining that is very breathable. It is great for people with sensitive skin.

Garment Care

We recommend professional cleaning for all of our garments, especially those with embellishments.

Garment origin

All of the made-to-measure dresses on our website are proudly made in the USA by our skilled dressmakers. Unless otherwise noted, all of garment embellishments are also made by hand in USA.  Our sweaters are imported.

Our sweaters are made of either 100 percent imported cotton or cotton blend.
Cashmere is available for an extra fee.

Need it in a hurry? Rush orders are available.

Need help or more information? CONTACT US

We want to make sure you get the perfect fit!