"Minyades" Bat Earrings
"Minyades" Bat Earrings
"Minyades" Bat Earrings
Bat Earrings
¥5,900 - ¥1,800
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🦇✨ Unveil Your Inner Mystery with Minyades Bat Earrings! ✨🦇

Inspired by the enchanting myth of the Minyades, these stunning bat earrings blend elegance with a touch of the mysterious. Transform your look with a piece of mythology!

🔹 Elegant Design - Delicately crafted to mirror the wings of a bat, perfect for any occasion.

🔹 Mythological Charm - Embrace the intriguing tale of the Minyades, daughters turned into bats, adding a story to your style.

🔹 Perfect Gift - Ideal for lovers of mythology, unique fashion, or anyone who enjoys a hint of the mysterious.

Unleash the enchantment of the Minyades. Shop now and let your style take flight! 🦇💫

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