"Larkin" Sundress
"Larkin" Sundress
"Larkin" Sundress
"Larkin" Sundress

Each season brings its own distinct flavor, but none quite match the whimsical joy of a summer weekend. And so to help bring out the best in you and your surroundings on those idle days, we introduce the "Larkin" Sundress – a timeless beauty that will capture hearts and minds wherever you go.

This eye-catching piece is carefully crafted by our dressmakers in their atelier to fit your body perfectly while allowing you to add your own unique touch by customizing its length and color. Playful pleats give the skirt structure, while a dainty bow at the front adds that perfect hint of flirtatiousness. It’s as though you’ve been transported back through time to the romance and reverie of the 1950s - right there in the present moment.

Just imagine stepping out into the summer sunshine wearing this breathtaking bit of loveliness. Its delicate texture dancing around you like a light spring breeze, feeling cooler than cotton and lighter than air with each step towards that sun-drenched meadow nearby.

There’s nothing quite like the "Larkin" Sundress for bringing about an instant mood lift that will make both you and those around you swoon with delight. Gather up some sweet lemonade and find yourself warmly embraced by elegance anytime.

Allow 3-5 weeks for production.
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