I started this brand with one purpose: to create beautiful, unique vintage inspired clothing. I found that modern, mass marketed clothing lacked the hand touches found in the clothing of yesteryear. I started this brand to bring those special touches back into clothing.

Shortly after coming up with the concept, I decided to make my clothing accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. Buying clothing by number size simply does not work for the majority of women. This is because every woman has a body completely unique to her. Made-to-measure clothing assures the buyer will buy a dress in her unique size and have it fit her perfectly — without having to spend additional money on alterations.

Unlike other lines, my line does not charge our customers extra for the made-to-measure service, nor do we charge extra for basic changes such as longer/shorter sleeves, and different fabrics, which are 100 percent complimentary.  We also do not charge extra for clothing made for our plus size customers. Our belief is that all women, regardless of size, pay the same price.

Each dress we make is completely hand made to your specifications. Our dresses and dress decorations are hand sewn the USA.  Because each dress is a one-of-a-kind item, production can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks. The turnaround time is shorter for non-embellished dresses. Embellished dresses have a longer turnaround time because the production involves lots of handiwork.

If you don’t see  your dream dress on our site we are happy to work with you to make your dream a reality. The price for custom orders will be in line with the other dresses on the site. We do not charge extra for customization.

When you purchase a dress from my line you will come away with your dream dress!